Monday, July 25, 2011

Reading Resources Online

Regardless of profession, age or interests, there are reading resources for all kinds of people on the internet. Different organizations compile reading resources on subjects that are of importance to them. There are also websites that act as online libraries, with reading resources for a wide variety of subjects. Some of these e-libraries provide reading resources to subscribers or registered members only, while other e-libraries provide reading resources for free. The books in the online libraries are usually in PDF format, and can be downloaded and read at any time.

Reading resources are increasingly in demand for their easy accessibility and their many benefits. Consequently, the amount of reading resources available is also increasing.Online reading resources are useful for people who do not want to accumulate a large collection of books. They are also useful for individuals who do not have access to libraries or do not have the time to go to one. It is very easy to find the right book in an e-library, because of the advanced search options available

Few Reading resources in Jumpstart

Reading Worksheets

Find the Rhyme
Draw a Rhyme
Months' Match-Up
Coloring Fun
Crayon Colors
Sorry, Wrong Sound
What's the Sound?

Reading Activities

Learning Letters
Spelling Activities
Rhyme Time
Practicing Syllables
Practicing Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms
Practicing Alphabetical Order
Practicing Punctuation
Practicing Parts of Speech

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