Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Resources for Kids

Art resources online provide help with any type of art or craft. There are also websites that provide arts and crafts ideas for kids. Parents can use JumpStart's own collection of arts and crafts projects for kids, and make sure kids have a great time learning. Art resources are great for helping kids mature as artists in a variety of areas. Parents and teachers can find a large collection of art resources online, ranging from simple coloring pages to expert information on candle making.

Kid's Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts projects are a great way of keeping children productively preoccupied. On the internet, one can find hundreds of arts and crafts projects for kids. Many TV shows that regularly give young viewers arts and crafts ideas have websites that also provide such information. Most of these arts and crafts ideas teach children how to make new objects from common household items. In Jumpstart, art resources available include expert information on sewing, knitting, painting, scrap booking, candle making, wet felting and a lot more. One can even find graphic art programs and 3D modelling programs that help children master these newer forms of art.

Traffic Stoplight Treat

Learning all the traffic and safety rules can get complicated, but teaching some traffic safety fundamentals to your students early will give them a leg up on understanding the rules of the road as passengers, pedestrians, and future drivers.

Insect Pencil Toppers

With great weather, those of you in warmer climates may be heading out to the garden or yard. And you know what outdoor activities mean - bugs! Get excited for outdoor fun by creating these adorable insect pencil topper crafts.

Piggy Bottle Bank

Teaching kids the value of money, as well as the value of recycling, are two important themes we stress here at JumpStart. Here is a cute Piggy Bottle Bank craft to teach your students both! By creating crafts out of junk we'd normally throw away, we can teach children about reusing materials.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Brighten your home with some brilliantly colored tissue paper flowers - it's easy!

Marble Art

Marble art fun, easy art project is great for big kids as well as young children who haven't yet developed their fine motor skills. Just be sure to keep the marbles and paint away from young mouths.

Crafty Wind Chime

While these are the items we used for our wind chime, you can absolutely make substitutions depending on what you have on hand. For example, if you don't have book rings, try using old keys or other metal items. Just make sure that the noise you'll hear when they hit each other doesn't make you cringe!

Beautiful Butterfly Prints

Butterflies are some of the most interesting critters on the planet. Known for their unusual life cycle and camouflage abilities, butterflies are sure to catch anybody's eye. Many of these creatures, such as the monarch butterfly, migrate over long distances in certain seasons. They are also important economical pollinators as they fly from flower to flower.

Awesome Octopus

Octopus are some of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. Not only do they have 8 legs, but they also are the smartest of all invertebrates. Have some fun with your new octopus pal and test your children's understanding of camouflage. See if your children can hide the octopus in areas where its pattern will blend with its surroundings.

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