Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holiday Activities For Kids and Parents

Holiday activities for kids can be fun, simple, and educational, and will keep the little ones busy and excited! You will never hear kids say ‘I’m bored’ during the holidays again.

Whether they’re Halloween activities or Easter activities or Christmas activities, there are a variety of holiday activities for kids in Jumpstart. These theme-based activities will interest kids and make them want to do more. And what’s more, you can watch the kids learn a bunch of new things in the process. For Christmas, let kids color Santa or play Christmas games. Let kids make paper Turkeys or solve special puzzles for Thanksgiving. The list of special holiday activities is endless! You can also get creative and make up your own games and puzzles and have a happy holiday!Holiday activities for kidsSee our exciting holiday activities for kids of all ages. Engage them with these activities and watch them get busy!

Boo-tiful Bats

Calling all witches, goblins, and ghouls! Around Halloween, the night is dark, the spooks are out and we're getting ready to celebrate the scariest time of the year! One of the best parts of Halloween is decorating your home with the spookiest decorations. Make and Enjoy your acrobatic-looking bats (Boo-tiful Bats) here.

Festive Fourth of July Decorations

With all these fun Fourth of July projects, the little ones will be sure to feel the American pride in their big hearts! These simple projects are sure to inspire love for our country in the heart of every neighbor and innocent passerby. These Festive Fourth of July Decorations crafts are an easy way to remind your child that the flag was one of America's first symbols of independence, and it will help everyone celebrate the 4th of July!

Flower Pot Snowman

This snowman craft will make your children smile and laugh, and we can guarantee that this Frosty won't melt away once winter is over! The flower pot snowman will surely conjure up some holiday joy and bring Frosty back to life! Try to create the Flower Pot Snowman by looking here.

The Giving Thanks Tree

Thanksgiving can be a particularly hectic holiday for the family. There are plenty of things to keep an eye on, including, but not limited to, preheated ovens and the kids running around with their cousins. Try to create the The Giving Thanks Tree here. However, Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to take us beyond our everyday pleases and thank yous and to draw up in our minds those things that have such positive impacts in our lives.

A Crafty Leprechaun and His Pot of Gold

Leprechaun craft is great for kids, so they can have their own leprechaun cup to place coins in, as if the leprechaun is protecting his pot of gold! The simple craft places a pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow as a door handle decoration and is probably best for your younger children, but even older ones might find it fun! Have fun making these crafts with your children! They are a pot-of-fun!

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