Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are basic planning tools used by teachers across the country. Teachers of all grades and classes can find free lesson plans online that meet their every need!

With the large number of lesson plans available online, it is important that teachers choose the most appropriate one for themselves. The first thing to look at in a lesson plan, obviously, is the subject matter. A teacher who is going to teach a lesson on the digestive system must first look for lesson plans on the subject. Any chosen lesson plan can be altered to suit specific learning and classroom needs, but there are a few things that teachers should look out for in a lesson plan that catches one’s eye. Teachers should make sure the learning objective in the lesson plan is the same as the objective the teacher has in mind. The entire lesson plan is created around the objective, so this is an important consideration. The objective is also used later for assessment at the end of a lesson. Teachers should also look for prerequisites – what students are required to know before starting the lesson in order to better understand the lesson.

Some of lesson plans on various subjects :

Grade based lesson plans

Grade based lesson plans are particularly useful for teachers in elementary school, especially teachers of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Grade based lesson plans help elementary school teachers find lesson plans for different subjects under a single category. This is useful for teachers who teach the same grade different subjects.

Reading lesson plans

Reading lesson plans for kids focus on skills young students need to be able to read with ease. As such, many reading lesson plans for kids include fun games and activities as part of the lesson. There are many fun ways in which children can learn about letters , letter sounds and words.

Math lesson plans

Math lesson plans for kids should help teachers make math relevant to their students' everyday lives. Far too many students find math difficult and uninteresting. Whether running an errand at the grocery store, cooking their favorite dish or dividing candies among their friends, kids are always using math, but when they encounter it in the classroom, it suddenly seems more daunting.

English lesson plans

English lesson plans for kids are designed to make sure children enjoy learning English. These English lesson plans include fun activities and games that children can engage in as part of the lessons.

Color lesson plans

Color lesson plans are usually used for younger classes, where kids are still new to the concept of mixing and creating new colors. There are many different types of color lesson plans available, each of them outlining different ways in which students can be introduced to colors and allowed to experiment with them.

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