Monday, July 25, 2011

Online activities for kids

JumpStart has a variety of fun activities for kids. Engage the young ones with these activities and make learning fun! These activities for kids are a great way to keep them occupied and help them learn new skills. What’s more, parents and teachers can also use printable kids’ crafts and activities that kids of all ages are bound to enjoy.

With activities available for a wide variety of subjects including math activities, science activities and reading activities, to other adventure activities, music activities and art activities, parents and teachers have plenty of options. These activities help kids recognize their interests and abilities and mold their personalities. Most activities for kids are simple, easy and not even messy. They are also a great way for parents and teachers to bond with the kids as they guide the little ones through these activities, sometimes even participating along with them.

Here are some of the Activities for Kids.

Insect Pencil Toppers

With great weather, those of you in warmer climates may be heading out to the garden or yard. And you know what outdoor activities mean - bugs! Get excited for outdoor fun by creating these adorable insect pencil topper crafts.

Piggy Bottle Bank

Teaching kids the value of money, as well as the value of recycling, are two important themes we stress here at JumpStart. Here is a cute Piggy Bottle Bank craft to teach your students both! By creating crafts out of junk we'd normally throw away, we can teach children about reusing materials.

Traffic Stoplight Treat

Traffic Stoplight Treat helps you to learn all the traffic and safety rules. Teaching some traffic safety fundamentals to your students early will give them a leg up on understanding the rules of the road as passengers, pedestrians, and future drivers.

Raising a Brainiac

Research shows the more learning opportunities kids are given at home, the better they do in school. Growing your kids' brains and their love for learning right in the comfort of your own home. A great way to give your kids a chance to learn at home is to mix learning with things you already do everyday. Raising a Brainiac will help your kids in that way.

Animal Cracker Charades

Make afterschool snack time a little bit more exciting and educational with our silly animal cracker game! It is just like charades, but more fun and much more delicious. All you will need is a box of animal crackers. How To Play Animal Cracker Charades?

Cuisine Critters

Bake, barbecue, blend, and beat, cooking is a great way to become more engaged in your child's development. Cooking is not only a great opportunity to spend time with your child. These Cuisine Critters skills include vocabulary, a better understanding of numbers and letters, working with fractions, and even precise coordination.

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