Friday, June 15, 2012

Grade Based Activities

There are many grade-based activities for kids of all ages. Choose from preschool activities, kindergarten activities, 1st grade activities, 2nd grade activities, 3rd grade activities, 4th grade activities or 5th grade activities and make learning an enjoyable process for kids of all ages.
You can plant the seed for a lifelong love of learning in your preschooler with interesting preschool activities. Simple, easy and fun, activities for preschoolers set the foundation for better learning and development. Both informative and productive, fun activities such as preschool science activities, preschool art activities and preschool math activities will build your preschoolers’ confidence and unlock their imaginations.
Engage your kindergarteners with easy kindergarten activities. There are a variety of activities for kindergarteners such as kindergarten math activities, kindergarten reading activities, kindergarten science activities, and a whole range of other printable activities!
First grade activities are designed keeping in mind the abilities and level of skill of six- to seven-year-olds and are effective tools when it comes to teaching different concepts. Educational activities for first graders make the learning process much more enjoyable.
Activities for second graders are plentiful. From math activities and science activities to reading activities and art activities, there is an array of fun and educational activities for second graders. Second graders are more confident with their vocabulary, reading, math, and fine motor skills and enjoy working on different kinds of activities.
Third grade activities are exciting and educational. Third graders are now more mature and confident and, as a result, activities for third graders are more complex and challenging.
Our free and printable 4th grade activities come to the rescue of homeschooling parents and teachers who want to give their 4th graders something exciting to do! We have activities on a wide array of topics and subjects that you can choose from!
5th graders need something more challenging and exciting to keep them interested. Therefore, most of the free 5th grade activities easily found online are designed keeping in mind their developmental characteristics.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Online Virtual Games

Today, with the impressive advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of online virtual games among kids, educational activities have also become an integral part of online games.
Interactive in nature, online virtual games encourage kids to learn in a virtual reality setting that they can enjoy in the comforts of their home.
Virtual worlds give kids the opportunity to carry out assignments and projects and learn new things.
From taking up avatars that represent them in the virtual world to carrying out various educational games and activities, virtual online games give kids to opportunity to express themselves. Be it virtual car games, pet games or adventure games, there are options for kids of all interests.
The online virtual world here at is an adventure-based learning game for kids. Kids can learn, play and socialize in this safe and secure environment. Encourage kids to play JumpStart and take advantage of the benefits of educational online virtual games!
Think online virtual games and images of avatars, 3d virtual worlds and simulations immediately come to mind. Snazzy virtual reality that you can control, varied personalities that you can take on, activities that you can indulge in and lead a second life – welcome to the world of virtual online games!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grade Based Worksheets

Grade Based Worksheets are a great way for parents and teachers to give kids extra practice. There are various free online grade-based worksheets on different subjects that make it easier for parents and teachers to choose the right level of difficulty for kids of different ages. You will find worksheets for kids in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and more!

Preschool Worksheets

With a perfect blend of learning and fun, free preschool worksheets available online offer a great way to instill in kids a love for learning all subjects. Easy and exciting, these worksheets for preschoolers set the foundation for better learning and development.

Kindergarten Worksheets

A useful resource for all parents and teachers, online worksheets for kindergarteners are perfect for building a solid foundation in each subject. Engage kindergarteners with fun printable worksheets and watch them attempt to solve them with enthusiasm.

1st Grade Worksheets

Worksheets for first graders are designed keeping the abilities and skill levels of six- to seven-year-olds in mind. They are effective tools when it comes to teaching different concepts, and make the learning much more enjoyable in the process.

2nd Grade Worksheets

Worksheets for second graders take their learning and skill to the next level. Second graders are more confident with their vocabulary, reading, math, and fine motor skills. Therefore, it is important that parents and teachers give them give them worksheets that are more challenging to solve and those that stimulate their active brains.

3rd Grade Worksheets

Kids in the 3rd grade begin to gain greater proficiency in certain subjects. They can grasp new concepts faster and can build easily on existing ones. At JumpStart, you will find free, printable worksheets for 3rd graders on various subjects. A boon for all parents and teachers, these worksheets are a great way of keeping the kids engaged and gauging how much they have learnt.

4th Grade Worksheets

4th graders begin to work independently and grasp new concepts with greater ease. JumpStart’s printable 4th grade worksheets are a great way to get the kids to practice various skills and have fun in the process. They are an invaluable resource for homeschooling parents as well as teachers!

5th Grade Worksheets

Help 5th graders get ready for middle school with JumpStart’s free, printable 5th grade worksheets. 5th grade focuses on getting the kids to sharpen their creative thinking abilities. Use these worksheets to give 5th graders a little practice in various subjects.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Online Games for Kids

From school-age kids to adults, the games in the market today attract people of all ages. From board games, to indoor and outdoor games, to online games and 3d virtual world games, the list is endless!

There are a myriad of options available for those looking to play games. The sheer number and variety of games available today is impressive, as the number of people who play different kinds of games has greatly increased.

A fun, adventure-based learning game for kids, Jumpstart online world teaches kids crucial skills for school. It is the perfect way to keep kids engaged with interactive games that help them practice and develop their reading, math and critical thinking skills.

A fun, adventure-based learning game for kids, Jumpstart online world teaches kids crucial skills for school. It is the perfect way to keep kids engaged with interactive games that help them practice and develop their reading, math and critical thinking skills.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coloring Worksheets

Simple, easy and exciting, coloring encourages the kids to scribble, doodle and unlock their inner artists! No matter how young or old the kids are, this is one activity that will keep them engaged and having fun!

Drawing and coloring have always been favorite pastimes for kids. It is no surprise, therefore, that there is a host of online coloring worksheets available today. Check out JumpStart's collection of exciting, free and printable coloring pages for kids!
There are thousands of different coloring worksheets available online. An excellent way to keep kids occupied, these printable coloring worksheets are a useful resource for all parents and teachers. They encourage the little ones to recognize colors, identify pictures, keep within the lines, and improve hand-eye coordination as well as develop their motor skills. All you need to do is look for interesting pictures online and hit print! Sit the kids down, hand them a box of crayons or colored pencils and watch the magic unfold.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reading Curriculums

Parents can choose from a wide variety of homeschooling reading curriculums. Choosing the right reading curriculum is important to ensure kids have a great time learning to read. Reading curriculums differ from each other in terms of their approach to teaching kids how to read.

Some have colorful textbooks with many pictures, while others are simple and come only in black and white. Some curriculums follow the standard text design, while others are multi-sensory and include movable letters, or songs and rhymes. Some include different scripts to help students master the initially confusing concept of multiple letter sounds for a single alphabet. Parents should choose the curriculum for reading based on the kind of instruction they want to give their child.

Reading Activities

Activities for Practicing Alphabetical Order

Activities for Practicing Parts of Speech

How to encourage kids to read

Learning Letters

Lunchbox Notes: A fun way to promote reading

Reaching for Reading

Spelling Activities

Practicing Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms

Rhyme Time

Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten

Find the Rhyme

Draw a Rhyme

Months’ Match-Up

Coloring Fun

Crayon Colors

Sorry, Wrong Sound

What’s the Sound?

Reading Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Digraph Bubbles

Amazing Blends

Locked Out

Trapping the Robbers: Adjectives

Trapping the Robbers: Word Meanings

Trapping the Robbers: Writing a Story

Trapping the Robbers: Scrambled Sentences

Test Your Word Power – III

Test Your Word Power – IV

Bingo the Storyteller

Dingo Tale

Getalong Gets Better

Getalong Gets Better: Word Meanings

Getalong Gets Better: Riddle Time

Getalong Gets Better: Word Quiz

Test Your Word Power – V

Test Your Word Power – VI

Fearless Fox and the Lion: Word Usage

Fearless Fox and the Lion: Word Meanings

Fearless Fox and the Lion: Jungle Trek

Fearless Fox and the Lion: The Adventure

What’s the Good Verb? – I

What’s the Good Verb? – II

A Day in the Life of Fearless: Word Usage

A Day in the Life of Fearless: Word Meanings

A Day in the Life of Fearless: Scrambled Sentences

A Day in the Life of Fearless: What’s it Like?

Increase Your Verb Power: Word Usage

Increase Your Verb Power: Word Meanings

Increase Your Verb Power: Similar or Opposite?

Increase Your Verb Power: Analogies

Fearless Does It Again: The Jumbo Trap

Fearless Does It Again: Word Meanings

Fearless Does It Again: Finding the Lost City

Fearless Does It Again: Analogies

Parents should remember that the reading curriculum chosen for homeschooling or by the children’s school is not binding. There are plenty of reading worksheets and activities that parents can choose from Jumpstart. A good reading game can be of great use to a child who is just learning to read.

Friday, December 16, 2011

English Curriculum

English educational resources can be used to supplement any English curriculum. There are plenty of English worksheets and activities that parents can use to give their children extra practice. Word games are a fun and effective way of practicing vocabulary and spelling. Online English games are another great way of practicing English while having fun.

When it comes to choosing the right English curriculum, parents often find that they have to pick and choose curriculums from different companies before they have a satisfactory overall course. This is because English is such a broad subject, comprised of components like writing, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Each publisher may have a combination of one or more of these components in their English curriculum, leaving parents to search for an additional course that covers the remaining components.

However, some English curriculums do have all of these components in a single book. After finding out about the options available and what is different about each one, parents can make their final choice keeping the child’s and the family’s requirements in mind.

English Activities

English Worksheets

English Worksheets for Kindergarten

English Worksheets for 1st Grade

English Worksheets for 2nd Grade

English Worksheets for 3rd Grade

English Worksheets for 4th Grade

English Worksheets for 5th Grade