Monday, October 31, 2011

Cool math games

Engage kids with fun and cool math games and activities at an early age to help them develop a love for the subject. Once the basics are mastered, kids will begin to enjoy solving math problems. A good foundation in math will increase their confidence and help them learn more advanced concepts in school. To sum it all up, math will become cool! It will no longer be dreadful or difficult!

The virtual world here at Math Blaster is filled with exciting math games for kids of all ages. With cool cadets, great gadgets and an intergalactic space setting, this virtual world is bound to appeal to kids of all ages. They can choose their topic and level of difficulty for each set of math problems. This futuristic online adventure is the ideal mix of learning and fun. Time to get cracking!

Check out some cool ways to learn and practice math:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Math problems

Children will benefit greatly from using math problems to practice their math skills. Improved math skills will in turn boost the child’s confidence and make them feel good about mathematics. Developing a positive attitude towards math will help them learn new skills and concepts and further contribute to the child’s improvement in the subject.

Studies have shown that students who practice math problems frequently have better math grades. Too often, parents and teachers think students do not have an aptitude for math when the problem actually lies in the lack of math practice.

Luckily for parents and teachers, there are plenty of websites that provide math problems for extra math practice. These problems are usually classified based on the age group they’re meant for, or the problem type.

  • Addition Problems : A problems are one of the first math problems a child encounters in school, kids continue to use this basic skill throughout their adult years.
  • Subtraction Problems : Kindergartners should have no difficulty solving basic subtraction problems on their own. Once kids can count up to twenty, they are ready to try their hand at subtraction.
  • Multiplication Problems : Initially, kids may find multiplication problems difficult to solve. This is especially likely if they are not good with their multiplication tables. Both problems can be taken care of by regular practice of multiplication problems.
  • Division Problems : Division problems are more challenging than the other mathematical operations children in primary school have practiced. Before starting division, students should be comfortable with their multiplication tables. They will also be using their subtraction skills extensively to solve division problems.
  • Math Sums : Practice makes perfect. One of the best ways for kids to get better at math is by attempting math sums and problems of varying levels of difficulty.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Math worksheets - Mathblaster

Math can be a tough subject to master. Many teachers and parents resort to math worksheets to give kids some extra math practice. But math worksheets by themselves may not bring about the change you are looking for.

There are many kinds of math worksheets for kids available online. Here at Math Blaster, you will find free math worksheets on different topics and different levels of difficulty. For every new concept and skill that kids must learn, it is important for parents and teachers to first explain the concept in detail to the little ones. Once they have grasped the new concept, worksheets are a great way to practice their learning.

Get the little ones to practice math and sharpen their math skills with online worksheets and watch their grades improve.

See our fun worksheets on different math topics:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Grade based lesson plans

JumpStart has a large collection of fun worksheets and activities for kids of all ages. Teachers can use these resources to add fun to any lesson plan! Grade based lesson plans are particularly useful for teachers in elementary school, especially teachers of preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. Grade based lesson plans help elementary school teachers find lesson plans for different subjects under a single category. This is useful for teachers who teach the same grade different subjects. Teachers looking for lesson plans online will be happy to find grade based lesson plans.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Science Lesson Plans

Science lesson plans allow students to realize the important part science plays in their everyday lives. These science lesson plans include experiments and activities that will increase children’s awareness of scientific phenomena that surround them. A good science lesson plan should instill in students a healthy interest in the subject. Kids who learn to love science and learning at a young age are likely to retain their interest in the subject as they grow older.

science lesson plans for kids

Loving to teach science is one thing; having enough time to write multiple science lesson plans over the week is another. The large collection of science lesson plans available online is a simple solution to this problem. After searching through the lesson plans available and finding the required one, all that’s typically needed is a printer, and the lesson plan is ready to use! Free, printable science lesson plans can be used by science teachers across the country as a wonderful teaching aid.

The Jumpstart has collection of science lesson plans for teachers who want to make science fun. Teachers can use the free lesson plans to make their science classes exciting! Here are some science activities and worksheets that teachers can use to add fun to any science lesson plan!

Science Activities

Science Worksheets Science Worksheets for 1st Grade Science Worksheets for 2nd Grade Science worksheets for 3rd Grade Science Worksheets for 5th Grade