Monday, September 12, 2011

Math Curriculum

Parents have plenty of choices when choosing a home school curriculum for mathematics.
Parents should find out what sets each math curriculum apart from the rest before choosing
the best curriculum for their kids. JumpStart’s educational resources are great for extra
math practice.

There are lots of educational resources that can be used to supplement a curriculum. Whether one is looking for worksheets/workbooks for extra practice, math games for added fun, math videos for better explanations, or math websites for more information about a concept, math resources are easily available on the internet. Parents can make use of these resources to give children the extra help they need to master mathematics!

Before parents choose a home school curriculum for math, they should understand what is different about each curriculum, and then make the decision based on their knowledge of their children.

Math Curriculum for Kindergarten

Math Curriculum for 1st Grade

Math Curriculum for 2nd Grade

Math curriculum for 3rd Grade

Math Curriculum for 4th Grade

Math Curriculum for 5th Grade

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