Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grade based curriculums

Grade based curriculums are convenient, since they allow parents to access the entire curriculum for a single child under a single topic. Here, resources for all the different subjects of one grade can be accessed under the same heading. JumpStart also has a large collection of fun grade based activities. Parents and teachers can use these activities to get their students to practice math, reading, science, and critical thinking.

A preschool curriculum introduces young ones to basic concepts they will need to understand before they can delve deeper into subjects like English, science and math.

Most kindergarten curriculums begin students in math and English. The lessons are very simple and deal with easily understandable concepts like counting and word endings.

The 1st grade curriculum usually has lessons on time and money. Students are also ready for science and social science as subjects. 1st grade activities reinforce classroom learning.

In the 2nd grade curriculum, students are learning a lot more about the world they live in. 2nd grade activities are a great way to get students to practice the lessons they have learned.

3rd grade curriculum has students learning a lot more about the world around them. For more practice of school subjects, 3rd graders can do 3rd grade activities.

Fourth grade curriculum
covers concepts that are tougher and more complex. Apart from mastering the skills already learned, 4th graders must also learn a variety of new topics in all the subjects.

The 5th grade curriculum can be rather tricky to prepare. The last year of elementary school for many, 5th grade is when kids need to have mastered all the basics

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